We are a little bias when it comes to using fabrics rather than other products out there like duratrans and acrylic panels etc. which is no surprise.  However, there are some very good reasons we feel so strongly about using fabrics that we would like to share with you.

Here are the top 10 reasons to use fabric for your signage and your custom products.

  1. Being Green

We use water-based inks and all fabric cuts are recycled.  There are no VOCs which can give off chemicals and have potential side-effects. We also have a client fabric recycling program.  Sometimes when you are in a mall or office, it is hard for the staff to dispose these fabrics once you are done with them.  Our clients have the ability to send us back their fabrics and we will recycle them properly.

  1. Little Space Required

For storage, fabric samples can be folded and take up little space in the backroom.

  1. Versatility and Shapes

There are so many applications of fabrics lit or non lit, indoor or outside.  With fabrics you can create all sorts of shapes and sizes.  You can put light behind it, you can change colors which makes a super cool effect.  The customer experience is all you hear about in the retail space.  With fabrics, you can even enhance the sound absorption in a room.

  1. Looks Luxurious

Looking to achieve a higher end look with your brand? Fabric signage communicates luxurious quality to your customers with impactful vibrant imagery, and unique texture.

  1. Durability

Fabric is flexible, meaning it can bend or fold without cracking or tearing. This makes it more durable than traditional print materials, and the perfect option for products you’d like to use repeatedly for events or holiday season.

  1. Easy to Install

Fabric with the silicone edge or pillow fit is easy to handle and super user friendly, making it easy to install! Set up your tradeshow display hassle free, or change up your storefront lightbox for new promotions without hesitation.

  1. It can be easily transported

Super light and can fold the fabric in transit drastically lowers shipping costs.

  1. Machine Washable and No Iron Required

Fade-and-wash resistant fabric is available, and great for outdoor applications! Fabric can also be ironed to lay flat and look pristine after shipping.  Our proprietary wrinkle free fabrics, you will not require an iron.

  1. ReUse

Once you are done with the fabric you can put it away and bring it out again when you need it for a sale or spring promotion.

  1. Large Format Capabilities

Large format signage isn’t limited to traditional materials! State of the art technology makes it possible to print very large signs, fencing, flags. Think outside the box with fabric walls, ceilings, and accent shapes.

At McRae, we lead the way in providing both traditional and imaginative experiences through fabric printing, LED lighting, fabric lightboxes, silicone-edge graphics and Display solutions for Retail, Exhibit and Event Spaces.  Please contact us at 905 569 1605 or sales@mcraeimaging.com