Retail Trends: Cash Wraps and Impactful Branding

A cash wrap (aka checkout counter) isn’t just a place to pay for things. A well-designed cash wrap can have a significant impact on your retail success. It can drive your business in the following ways:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Build your brand

We are going to discuss building your brand specifically in the area behind and above your cash wrap in this post:

Build Your Brand

Visuals are a major factor in creating a wonderful customer experience. Cash wrap designs, like most customer interaction points, are a great place to reinforce your brand. There are lots of Pinterest boards sharing best cash wrap designs, however, most focus on the counter design and organization of the cash area. We think there is potential magic (ROI) if retailers consider fabric lightboxes in their cash wrap design.

Many retailers will have their logo on the wall behind them. Digital screens have also been seen more lately, however, the cost across multiple stores is substantial and in many cases unrealistic. It is also important not to overwhelm your customer’s visually to the point where so much is being promoted on the counter merchandise and screen that it all becomes noise.  The fabric lightbox quality from the color, to the fabric finish, frames and lighting all exude quality and a luxury brand.

Here are some other things to consider using lightboxes in your cash wrap area:

Look Up

Like any interior design, lighting can dramatically enhance the functionality and visual impact of your cash wrap. We have seen a trend of creating faux skylights using the fabric lightboxes above the cash wrap. It provides a focal point in the store. It is also practical for providing appropriate light for work tasks.  You can even change the setting of how bright you want the skylight at certain points in the in the day and at night.

Keeping with the Brand

Having a beautiful vibrant lifestyle photo or abstract piece of art can be stunning behind the counter. The lightbox provides ambient lighting and the colors and image can engage the customer while they are paying for their items. A printed logo on the fabric gives an additional layer that you can change throughout the year to show your brand’s personality.

Budget Savvy

The cost of these lightboxes (particularly when you compare with digital) is very reasonable which make it possible to roll out across multiple locations and improves the overall brand consistency for the company. The shipping cost of the frames and fabric are minimal due to our compact way of packaging our products. Once the frames are hung, the fabrics can easily be shipped to multiple locations to keep the brand imagery consistent across locations. The LED lights last over 60,000 hours so there is very little maintenance.


Once you have the lightbox frames it is super easy to change the fabric images. The fabric does not wrinkle and can easily be stored to be used again another time of the year. This provides flexibility and dynamic opportunities to change the image during certain promotions or times of the year.


Once the store is completely done with the fabric image the material is 100% recyclable. At McRae we know sometimes it is hard to operationalize what to do with the fabric and the mall’s recycling bin may not cut it. We have a great recycling program for our customers where we will take your fabrics and ensure they are recycled properly.

For more information about how our custom fabric lightboxes can enhance the overall customer experience in the cash wrap area of the store please contact us at 905.569.1605 or email us at