Customer Experience – Are You Saving or Seizing Your Customer’s Attention?

Customer Experience Movement

There are many articles on the importance of the customer journey and overall experience. Trends that have brought us here include e-commerce businesses that deliver everything, to connected devices, social sharing, and purpose-driven brands.  I have included some of my favorites articles on customer experience down below.  No wonder, then, that 86% of business leaders agree that customer experience is vital for success (Harvard Business Review, January 2017).

However, one of the most fundamental questions, is when attention is your customer’s most precious resource, are you saving or seizing it? (Reference 1) All companies need to realize what part they are playing around this precious attention resource.  McRae is in the business of helping our customers’ SEIZE their customer’s attention.

McRae’s Part to Play


Impactful brand imagery and lighting have the potential to inspire, turn heads and garner attention in a retail setting.  Sensory experiences around all the 5 senses require retail locations to be visually attractive and appealing. A stunning store window, a lighting effect on the ceiling can really create an experience for your customer where they want to come in, learn and see more.  Obviously, our strength to support our customer is our visual capabilities, however, we have been working for the last few years on fabric and sound which will be another blog post so stay tuned.


Our patented store beacons located in our fabric lightboxes can interact with your customers as they walk by or come into your store. Beacon technology means that your store can send out messages whenever a customer is nearby. Digital Integration across the brands’ platforms can simply be illustrated in this example.  As the customer approaches the store, the app can notify customers of current deals and product promotions they are offering at their bricks and mortar stores.


We value ourselves on our innovative print technology and engineering design we can create any store into an unforgettable customer experience. We can transform any thought or concept into reality and provide the best products on the market.  Our cross-functional expertise allows us to look at each project with a different perspective and in many cases a slight re-design to make the project easier to ship, install at a lesser cost is our goal.

Our Own Customer’s Journey

Our products are unlike any other. Everything is supplied and created in-house and we specialize in retail, exhibits, and events. Our expertise ensures a frictionless path through every stage of production, regardless of the complexity of the design. Rigorous quality control, fast turn-around times and seamless customer experiences is the McRae Way.  An added bonus is that our products are 100% recyclable. We know that being good to our planet is important to our customers so we have created a fabric recycling program for our customer’s to ensure that the fabrics are recycled properly and easily.

Contact Us

How are you tackling your customer experience?  If you are one of our customer’s we love to hear suggestions on how we can make your experience at McRae exceptional.   For questions or inquiries, please contact the McRae Imaging office at 905-569-1605 or email

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