The Frameless Frame – Pushing the Boundaries

When it comes to lightboxes or non-lit tension fabric visuals, the SEG frames definitely are the commodity components that make up the fabric lightbox and as a result, can’t be ignored.

Folks call the silicone edge graphic frames (SEG) a number of things from SEG to frameless frames to extrusions to double-sided, and reverse fit.  They can be all different shapes and sizes.

What qualities make everyone’s the same?

Most of the SEG frames are made out of aluminum.  Once the frames are designed they are easy to “copy” so they are not a competitive advantage for long.  Currently, we are working on the next generation of tension fabric frames.  We will share this innovation soon.

What qualities make the different SEG frame companies different?

The Project

Our team has the ability to design, create, test structures and extrusions with our lighting systems in-house that will fit with your unique project.  Our structural engineers build extrusions for safety, visual and functional design.  We design all our own extrusions and we make all our frames in-house.  This allows for quick turnaround times and constant innovation.

The craftsmanship

Expert Custom SEG frames and extrusions engineering to achieve shapes, weights, certain widths, no shadows and safe require a specialized expertise.  Our in-house skilled fabricators have an amazing attention to detail.  The way these frames are designed and built we make sure are easy to pack and put together with minimal tools.

The cost

The overall cost of Installation and graphic changes really make these frame types a viable option in the retail spaces.  The frames are built with weight and convenient shipping sizes in mind.  There are no tools just an allen key.

Customer Service

We are determined to anticipate our client’s needs through the entire customer journey.  We have a very experienced customer service staff, engineers, color and graphics specialists, print specialists, finishing craftspeople that are committed to our customer’s overall experience.  We are a privately held business where we think connection, community and giving back are our key priorities.  This culture results in an “anything’s possible” mindset.

To learn more about how we can support your next project or consider using fabric SEG in your store design, please check out our project gallery or email us at