Event Organizers, from a single or multiple day conference to a professional sporting event require signage and visual displays.  We have supported clients with printed flags, fences, tents arches and many custom displays for indoor  and outdoor events.  Historically publicizing it has not been our strong suite.  To date, it has mostly been word of mouth, however, we thought it was time to do so. If you have an event and you are looking for high quality beautiful imagery, stage sets, projection sets at any shape or size that involves fabric, lighting or aluminum we have you covered.

In researching for this blog post, I started to look at what events we have supported in the last few years:

  • World Series
  • NBA All Star Game
  • Large Sport Stadiums
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Invictus Games
  • PanAm Games
  • Olympic Games
  • NHL Games – flags and banners
  • Rogers Cup – Tennis Canada
  • Juno Awards
  • Rock Concerts

In this four-part blog series, we are going to look at four key and unique McRae characteristics that support the event industry:

  • Innovative Design Thinkers
  • Product Components
  • Our Green Facility
  • Outstanding Customer Service

Innovative Design Thinkers

Are you looking to create something that has not been done before? Do you have an idea or concept in mind that you would like to see executed? Please consider taking the time to meet with us.  Our electrical and structural engineers can do some amazing things with fabric, lighting and aluminum.  These materials are light weight, environmentally conscious, reasonably priced, and durable.  Your imagination is the limitation in what we can build.

Our 30 plus years of experience and a team including out of the box lighting and mechanical engineers, architects, fabric and print experts together allow us to materialize client concepts into reality. This provides us with the opportunity to support our clients in ways that may have not otherwise been possible.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can turn your concepts into reality for your upcoming events.  You can email us at sales@mcraeimaging.com and/or call 905-569-1605.