Do You Have Multiple Product Launches a Year?  Boy, do we have a product for you.

We were given a challenge.

Our client required continuous changes in signage as each product launch required a different merchandising configuration. Many retail spaces require the same functionality.

There were a few HAD TOs with this project:

  • It HAD TO create a external wall mounted framing system that did not change – way to expensive to change it all the time across many store locations.
  • It HAD TO be able to easily install images that changed width due to promotion on a regular basis.
  • It HAD TO be able to be able to easily supply electricity and not block lighting.


Our unique engineering design allows for multiple graphic panels to easily transform to longer or shorter fabric panels without any issues or requirements to change the lighting or the frames.

The store staff can easily change the graphics themselves.  No install team required once the frames are in.


  • We also designed the electrical for these lightboxes to require significantly less electrical infrastructure in the store.
  • The initial planning and install for a new store has drastically dropped across store locations because of how we measure and create the different floorplans.

Does your space need this functionality?  Do you have merchandising signage on the top of your store walls that needs to change on a regular basis? To learn more please contact McRae at 905.569.1605 or email for more information on how we can easily change your merchandising configuration without changing the frames or the lighting.