When it comes to first impressions, lightboxes are a must have to make your store windows as impactful as possible!

I was walking in the mall yesterday and I am still surprised by how many high-end luxury retail brands who care about their brand are still using non-recyclable poorly printed displays in their store windows.

Your store window is your first impression.  It can spark imagination and curiosity.  People will stop taking the time to look and then decide to go into the store to learn more.

Do these stores understand the lost opportunity/sales by not representing their brand correctly in their store windows?  Especially in the era of selfies,   “Everything today needs to be an ‘Instagrammable’ moment,” says Cunningham, explaining how his brand endeavored to make its windows interactive using social media, and how hashtags are a big part of that visual story. says Harry Cunningham, VP, creative services, Vera Bradley

There are lots of good blog posts on window displays and design.  I have included a list at the bottom of this post.  Surprisingly, not as many recent articles but these articles I found helpful.  I wanted to discuss today the key design elements to the store window and why fabric lightboxes are a no-brainer for frankly any retail store size.


Any good store window design sets the stage with a backdrop of some kind.   Backdrops can be the main focal point or just fit into the whole design. SEG Frames are light and easy to install, change and move. With light, they can create depth and movement or no lights create an overall mood or setting.  Lightboxes can also be double-sided so you can also use this visual merchandising space in the store.


Lighting is one of the most impactful ways to set a mood in a window.  The back-lit lighting has the ability to change color and add movement.  We can even change specific items in the graphic like a pair of shoes or create depth effects using light.  The lighting can add an overall feeling of warmth or a more modern look.

Easy Installation and Take Down

The fabrics are easy to change out during certain promotions or times of year without a huge expense or amount of time to change the whole look of the window.  You can also re-use the fabrics because they do not wrinkle.  If you do not want to use the fabrics anymore – they are 100% recyclable.  The frames are simple to put together and take apart for easy storage.  They are light and compact which lowers your shipping costs.

Digital Integration

There are more and more screens in retail spaces.  However, the reality is everyone has a TV in their home.  Do you want to try something different either different materials or how the screens are implemented into the store design? The cost to maintain hardware, content and security is not for the faint of heart.  Fabric and SEG frames do help hang screens uniquely or integrate them into the store window design.


The quality of your brand imagery is one of the most important ways to showcase your brand and what it stands for.  Having consistent high-quality materials for your brand imagery provides an overall cohesive look and feel to the overall store design.

Pop Up Trend

For the same reasons above – easy to ship, change imagery, lit or no lit, recyclable, easy to install are all significant reasons why using SEG frames and fabrics are the best choice.  “Even in the face of remarkable innovation, windows continue their role as an integral part of the retail cycle. And they’re not merely pretty, street-side pictures or merchandising highlights anymore, they’re strategic. In this era of transparency and authenticity, they’re a portal into a company’s heart and soul, an embodiment of a brand’s DNA.”
Eric Feigenbaum, VMSD contributor

We have given you a number of reasons why using SEG fabric lightboxes are a no-brainer for your store window design.  Let us know what you think or how you use your SEG frames?  What do you think makes a good store window?

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