Every Day is Earth Day at McRae Imaging

If you are looking for brilliant imagery to help market your business and have an accountable environmental partner, then you have come to the right place.

At McRae Imaging our commitment to our customers and colleagues, and our connection to our environment governs every decision we make. We recycle, reuse and repurpose all of our materials and are committed to conserving energy and resources.

We manufacture everything in house which allows us to have full control over how our products are made, from a raw material state right to shipping. One Source. One Responsibility.  We expressly print only on fabrics using a dye sublimation process that uses water-based inks.

We employ certified recycling experts to help us extensively and effectively recycle all our materials which include:

  • Fabric off-cuts are collected, recycled, bailed and reused to make other products
  • Aluminum off-cuts and shavings are picked up and recycled by the aluminum companies
  • We use recyclable products in building our LED circuit boards and connectors
  • We use water-based natural pigment dyes in our print process. The wastewater is collected and the dyes extracted by incineration to ensure safe water disposal
  • McRae offices have a full recycling and reduction program – from our water usage to air quality, from our lighting to our cafeteria garbage. We’re serious about recycling!
  • We encourage our clients to join us and get involved by returning their unwanted fabrics and displays for recycling

Please consider joining our client fabric recycling program.  For more information, or if you want to be in our customer spotlight please send a request to marketing@mcraeimaging.com