At McRae we pride ourselves in the people that come in every day dedicated to support our customers, create beautiful structures and lightboxes, research new ways of manufacturing, and solve challenges for our clients.

However, this year has been particularly rough on our McRae family.

Some of our team has had significant health issues that they have endured in heroic ways.  We have had cherished loved ones and colleagues pass away.  The grief still comes in waves as grief does but we have pulled together to support one another.  We have had clients deal with these same challenges.  It can be difficult.

However, the old saying by the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. “That which does not kill usmakes us stronger.” Has really been demonstrated over and over with our staff.

In the end, the generous grace, support and respect we show each other as a team helps continue to do what we love to do and that is support our customers in their businesses.

We just want to publicly thank our clients for your continued support and our amazing McRae team who daily delivers.