What to Look for in a Fabric Lightbox Manufacturer?

If you are in the market for a fabric lightbox, there are most likely certain project requirements that you are looking to achieve.

These requirements may include:

  • Elevating your Brand
  • Product Consistency
  • Fair Price
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Modern Look and Process

There are numerous fabric lightbox manufacturers in the market today and, on the surface, many fabric lightboxes may seem quite similar which makes finding the right company for your project so challenging.

We are happy to recommend a few other characteristics besides quality, UL certifications and price that you can use to evaluate the lightbox and the manufacturer.

When you evaluate a potential lightbox manufacturing company there are a couple of areas to consider:

  1. Customer Service – We all know the classic scenario of a company that can sell/market well but can’t deliver on their promises – when the customer service does not reflect the experience you had in the sales process. The importance of great customer service really becomes a necessity when things don’t go quite as planned. We have all been there – a shipment is lost, the imagery changed at the last minute, the design specs forgot a vent in the store design.   These are times when you need a committed partner who is responsible for all the components, who can help you look good even when life happens.  Simply asking for a couple of customer references can help you understand the manufacturer better. Understanding the quote, order, approval and ongoing processes can ensure you are happy with the process and the end result.
  2. Turnaround Times – Store renovations, new booth design or event requirements can all require tight turnaround times because there are lots of moving parts. Being late on a conference floor is not an option.  The commitment and ability to turn things around in a timely or urgent manner is a characteristic to consider when you are choosing a manufacturing partner. Reliability and consistency are hard to measure before you have signed the contract, however, the knowledge that the manufacturer makes the actual components themselves should be a good indicator in their ability to meet set timelines.
  3. Fair Pricing – When you begin your search you will find that the pricing is all over the map. The quality and design of the products, from aluminum frames, to the lights and fabric, makes all the difference when it comes to final product cost. Many times, you are not able to compare apples to apples. If you have a set budget and goal – we recommend you share it up front because there may be other suggestions to keep quality standards high and costs within your budget.
  4. Expertise – It is important to get a sense of the manufacturer’s expertise when it comes to lighting, fabric and structure. Many projects will require a thoughtful partner who has the experience needed to determine the best way to execute a project from concept to structure design, all the way to shipping and installing the product proficiently.  Knowing the capabilities and tenure of those working on your project instills confidence that your project is in the right hands.
  5. Visit – A great way to see if the lightbox manufacturer is a good fit for your company is to visit their manufacturing plant. You can see first-hand what the company produces in-house, their expertise depth and overall company culture.
  6. Competitive Comparison – If you consider how important imagery is to your brand, you want to ensure that the printed image and the materials the manufacturer uses are the best you can afford. Comparing samples is a great place to start – be sure you share the overall objective of your project; each lightbox manufacturer may have different ideas on how to better support and achieve the end goal.

To assume that the imagery, color and the lighting are all the same is simply not accurate.  We have some extraordinary stories about supporting our customers in their projects.  If you want to compare us with another lightbox manufacturer, please do; we would be delighted to take on the challenge.

We love visitors and showing off our machines but more importantly, having the time to connect, learn and understand our client’s challenges and project specifics.

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