Our Circle Fabric Lightboxes Perfect the Curve Design

Shaped lightboxes are trending on both exhibit and retail scenes!

Let’s focus on circle designs – extremely noticeable and powerful.  The use of circles in design helps create a sense of flow, completion and calmness. McRae has been creating lightbox shapes for the last twenty years and has perfected the circle curve.

There are four things that must be done well to execute the perfect circle frame:

The SEG Frame requires masterful craftsmen to flawlessly produce simple and beautiful SEG frame designs. Our metal fabrication department boasts a talented team.

The Lighting has to be well calibrated and installed so there are no shadows or hot spots on the frame.
Our lighting lab engineers use powerful software that can design, assimilate and test for optimal lighting balance.

The Fabric must have a wow factor!  McRae’s show-stopping proprietary fabric was the result of three years of R&D – no-wrinkle, super vibrancy and spectacular white point allows your graphic image to pop and is tremendously easy to change up in the field.

The Fabric Finishing must have the perfect amount of stretch vs. tension to make installing your graphics into the SEG frame easy, without image distortion. Our brilliant finishing team has perfected this technique and promises a stellar outcome.

Combining these four components along with industry expertise enables us to keep the cost of producing these lightbox shapes practical for stores and exhibit houses to get excited about using and still remain within budget.

If you have a booth, retail space or any other project that you want to add interest to – consider adding shape, there is nothing we cannot handle.

We would be happy to send you a fabric sample.  Send us your project challenge by clicking here (www.mcraeimaging.com/mcrae-challenge) or call us at 905-569-1605.