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McRae leads the way in Fabric printing, LED lighting, Fabric lightboxes, Silicone-edged graphics and Displays.

Every element, every component, every detail of every McRae product is produced in-house to create show-stopping image perfection.

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Let’s create a visual experience together.

    What we know is show stopping perfection.

    McRae is a trusted imaging supplier for leading retailers, brands, creative agencies, outdoor sporting events, conferences, and entertainment galas. McRae covers every element from fabric lightboxes or non-lit of any size and shape, custom booths, hanging structures, displays and backdrops, outdoor signage, magnet structures and large flags.
    Our can-do, problem solving approach is backed by over 50 years’ experience.

    Talk to us about your next project

    If you have an idea you’d like to realize with us ?  A bold vision you need a partner for?  Then we should talk.  McRae knows how to work with our clients and partners to create and improve all of their visual merchandizing — resulting in experiences that engage, inspire, and delight.