McRae is a world leading, award winning provider of superior quality fabric printing and displays. Our eye-popping,  heart-pumping, show stopping solutions have bolstered awareness, traffic and sales for some of the most famous retail brands in Chicago – our kind of town.

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McRae engages your target audience with larger-than-life, vibrant graphics. We take your message to big, bold, beautiful new heights with state-of-the-art technologies and unique, custom designed products.

McRae’s multi-disciplined team of in-house experts bring creative concepts to life at our integrated corporate headquarters. Our innovative, cost-effective solutions are easy to install and guarantee maximum impact.

McRae’s Industry Leading Products:

  • Fabric Printing

  • Fabric Lightboxes

  • SEG Frames

  • Ceiling Lightboxes

  • LED Lighting

Call McRae today, or fill out the form and discover why we are the preferred supplier to countless retail businesses and brands in Chicago, and throughout North America.

I know we pushed you guys to turn around some pretty gigantic frames and graphics in short order – not to mention changed the order, the files, and delivery dates a bunch of times (as we do) - but you both handled it all with grace and ease. Your patience, efforts, and hustle do not go unnoticed by any of us. You’re invaluable partners, and we’re lucky to have you.

Chris Central Station

We work with a range of clients

Simply call your local McRae Imaging sales rep for a consultation at 1-312-216-0696 or complete the form above and a sales rep will contact within 24 hours.