A Fresh Perspective on Improving Store Signage Cost Efficiency

Thinking about replacing your in-store signs and displays with new fabric LED lightboxes?

The Challenge

Today’s retailers are continuing to innovate to increase foot traffic and drive purchase behaviour. Much of this innovation is focused on seeking new opportunities to improve the in-store visual experience while still driving an ROI on the associated spend.

The Benefits

Incorporating LED fabric lightboxes into the retail footprint provides many advantages from cost savings over time to revenue increases from increased foot traffic and purchases.  Here are some key benefits:

  • Many retail clients are driving sales increases of 5% and more when they re-design their stores using LED lightboxes.
  • The lightboxes’ lifelike imagery creates a compelling store experience that invites customers in and encourages them to stay.
  • Replacing fluorescent bulbs and fixtures can easily add-up throughout the year as compared to LED signs which require far less maintenance. These savings alone can repay your investment on the fabric lightbox in approximately 3 years.
  • The energy cost of operating LED signs is up to 30% less per year vs traditional fluorescent.
  • Grants and discounts are available from government and utility companies prepared to help with the expense of switching to energy-efficient lighting.
  • The SEG fabric and frame design allow employees to easily change the imagery for store promotions and merchandise updates.
  • The “knock-down” feature of the lightboxes and the lightweight fabric replacements dramatically reduce shipping costs to the store.
  • Not to mention the recycling and reuse of these materials so they do not end up in a dump site somewhere like some other signage makes it an easy win-win.

 Find out More

If you are interested in learning about how fabric lightboxes can transform your customer’s experience or learn the overall please email sales@mcraeimaging.com or call us at 905.569.1605